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Hi, I'm Idan, from Tel-Aviv.
Bringing both concept & design to the table. Multimedia Design is what I do best, from web and mobile products, UX/UI architecture & design, to movies & animation, branding & print, and much more..
With a B.A in Design from H.I.T (Holon Institute of Technology) since 2008, I've worked in big marketing & high-tech companies, done Web/Digital design and development, as well as several years as a freelancer, doing all kinds of projects :)

What I've Cooked Up So Far:

Fully Branded Projects


Ori Naftaly Band - Blues Band Logo & Album Design

One of the leading & best Israeli blues bands out there. Approached me as they were about to record their second album. As a part of the design process, I Redesigned their logo, as well as the entire album materials (CD cover, booklet, Disc) and facebook marketing and promotional materials.

Full Project

FitKit - Mobile App Concept

This is a conceptual Mobile App I designed, for gathering all the workout and fitness tools one would need in one place. The branding icludes logo design, mobile app UX/UI design, as well as some marketing and promotional stuff.

Full Project

RetroPlay - Website and App concept

Now you can play the games we all grew up on. "RetroPlay" is a website that provides downloads of all games sorted by Genre or year. You can also check out the games's history, read about the characters and get cheat codes. The Mobile App will enable you to download the mobile version of each game, with an ease to search for your favorite game. Branding icludes logo design, website and mobile app design, a set of street posters and a business card.

Full Project

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